RT9-CMB – 9″ Ruggedized Tablet Sonar/GPS Combo Battery Bonus


Included in Package:

RT-9 Combo unit

Additional 12v 9AMP Battery ($40 Value)

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Electronics have played a major role in evolving the sport of ice fishing. Now its time for the sport to evolve the electronics, MarCums RT-9 is the result. The Revolutionary RT-9 expandable platform allows anglers to unite ice sonar, open water sonar and underwater camera viewing into one 9″ ruggedized Touchscreen tablet. Modular data ports connect MarCums Legendary High Power Sonar and Underwater Camera, and for the first time allow anglers to simulcast real-time intel from three locations on one screen. Features full 3-D Navionics Mapping compatibility with access to the sensational Navionics+Community, internal power for handheld operation, the unit also runs Android apps, movies, and games.The modular concept allows users to build their own system, with 3 data ports the user can start with MarCums Ice Sonar, then add an Open Water Sonar or Camera Module later. Multi-dimensional selectable views include traditional flasher, vertical or chart. The camera module feeds in a live glimpse of the world below, with a full on-screen display of temperature, depth, and direction overlay the sharpest underwater imaging, and a built in DVR. With multiple Sonar Modules user can view multiple holes on one display, operating and displaying independently the RT-9 can simulcast sonar or camera signals from 3 locations. Comes with the RT-9 performance pack, which includes a soft-pack shuttle for RT-9 GPS Touchscreen Tablet, docking cradle, RAM accessories allowing for compact storage and efficient portability,dual beam sonar module, 12-volt 9-amp battery and charger.

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