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RT-9 2.0 Bundle Options:

1. Combo + Battery + Navionics© Includes

  • RT-9 2.0 Combo
  • LiFePO4 10Ah Battery and fast charger
    10 Hours of Continuous Use ($100 Value)
  • Navionics®+ USA and Canada Chip
    ($200 Value)

2. Combo + Navionics© Includes

  • RT-9 2.0 Combo
  • Navionics®+ USA and Canada Chip
    ($200 Value)
  • 12-volt 9-amp battery (lead Acid)

3. Combo

  • RT-9 2.0 Combo
  • 12-volt 9-amp battery (lead Acid)

RT-9 2.0 Combo Features:

  • Upgraded Circuitry
  • Upgraded Docking Cradle
  • Upgraded Software
  • 9” Ruggedized GPS Touchscreen Tablet
  • Dual Beam 8/20 Degree Ice Ducer and Sonar Module
  • Glove-Touch Supported Touch Screen
  • Micro SD slot.
  • Micro USB and HDMI Ports
  • Soft Performance Pack Shuttle
  • Power Cord
  • 3amp Fast Charger
  • Ram® Mount
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Two Year System Warranty

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Electronics have played a major role in evolving the sport of ice fishing. Now its time for the sport to evolve the electronics, MarCums RT-9 is the result. The Revolutionary RT-9 expandable platform allows anglers to unite ice sonar, open water sonar and underwater camera viewing into one 9″ ruggedized Touchscreen tablet. Modular data ports connect MarCums Legendary High Power Sonar and Underwater Camera, and for the first time allow anglers to simulcast real-time intel from three locations on one screen. Features full 3-D Navionics Mapping compatibility with access to the sensational Navionics+Community, internal power for handheld operation, the unit also runs Android apps, movies, and games.The modular concept allows users to build their own system, with 3 data ports the user can start with MarCums Ice Sonar, then add an Open Water Sonar or Camera Module later. Multi-dimensional selectable views include traditional flasher, vertical or chart. The camera module feeds in a live glimpse of the world below, with a full on-screen display of temperature, depth, and direction overlay the sharpest underwater imaging, and a built in DVR. With multiple Sonar Modules user can view multiple holes on one display, operating and displaying independently the RT-9 can simulcast sonar or camera signals from 3 locations.


RT-9 Features:
Pre-Loaded Navionics® Base Maps with a Micro SD Navionics® Card Slot
WiFi Enabled
Full Android Tablet Capabilities
True-Time Display™
Water Rejection and Wet Finger Tracking
Glove Touch Supported
Customizable with Ice Sonar (Included), Open Water Sonar & Underwater Camera Modules (Modules Sold Separately)

9.0” (228.0 mm), 1280 x 800, Capacitive Display
True-Time Display™ , Dual Core Processor
8GB internal memory with microSD™ slot for expandable storage up to 32GB
Powered by Android™
Lithium ION Battery (Internal)
12-volt 9-amp battery (External)
Micro USB and HDMI™ Ports
Upgradeable via Wi-Fi
A quick start guide is located on device. Also Downloadable Online.
Built In Speakers, Audio Jack and Volume Control
Built In DVR and Video Out

9” Ruggedized GPS Touchscreen Tablet
Dual Beam 8/20 degree Ice Ducer and Sonar Module
Soft Performance Pack Shuttle
Docking Cradle
Power Cord
Ram® Mount
Mounting Hardware
12-volt 9-amp battery
Two Year System Warranty.

Additional modules sold separately:
RT-9 Sonar Module Ice Ducer
Dual Beam 8/20 Degree Ice Ducer and Sonar

RT-9 Camera Module Kit
Sony Super HAD II, 1/3″ CCD Sensor Color Camera with OSD (on screen displays), of relative direction, depth and temperature

RT-9 Sonar Module Open Water Transducer
Dual Beam 8/20 Degree Open Water Transducer (with temperature sensor) and Sonar


Added the ability to enter GPS coordinates.

We have added the ability in the latest software update to now add three different types of GPS coordinates. Weather you get coordinates from the internet, from a buddy of their hotspot or from a different system, you can enter all three types: Decimal Degrees, Degrees and Decimal Minutes and Degrees Minutes and Seconds. Weather

Added Simulator Modes

If you are wanting to play with your settings and see how they effect your sonar, you can now do that with two different types of simulator modes, Ice Sim and Open Water Sim which can be found under your module settings when inside of the RT-9 2.0 app.

Improved sonar gain curves to work better in shallow and deep water

We made adjustments to our gain curve that improve both shallow water (<10 feet) and deep-water fishing. You will be able to see your bait much easier with these gain curve improvements along with less interference on the screen.

Adjusted external battery cut off voltage to help increase run time

The battery cut off was hardware on the RT-9 that prevented the system from completely depleting a battery and never being able to use it again. We changed the hardware to allow for a lower cut off voltage from an external battery, in turn giving you a much longer run time.

Added a screen dimming feature that will automatically dim the screen when the battery gets low to increase runtime

This software change will dim the screen at 20% to help conserve power and give you a longer run time from your system. Think of it as a low power mode.

Corrected screen flakiness by changing the touch panel voltages.

This was a hardware change that corrected some flakiness in the screen while using the RT-9. The change provides a more stable supply of power.

Corrected the scroll issue in the touch panel.

This change was a hardware change that helped resolve some scroll issues that we saw and heard from customers about.

Improved the docking station to latch better ensuring a good external battery connection

We made adjustments to the docking cradle to give you a more secure connection to the cradle and charge your RT-9 2.0

Corrected how the screen draws in open water mode. When the range adjusted before it would leave a big block and didn’t look fluid.

This was a recommendation that was a software change to give your sonar a more fluid display while using graph mode.


RT-9 ManualRT-9 Quick Start Guide

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