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Combining the power, performance and features of its Lithium Shuttle with the brand’s new “M-Series” flasher-sonar units and two preferred digital sonar units, MarCum®’s Lithium Combo line-up comprises a whole greater than all of its best-in-class parts.

Each combo includes a powerful and accurate MarCum® sonar unit, Lithium Shuttle, charger and a 5-gallon bucket for safe storage during travel to, and on, the ice. Each comes with a two-year system warranty and a one-year shuttle/battery warranty.

Compact, lightweight and long-lasting, MarCum’s new Lithium Shuttle can extend a sonar unit’s continuous run time by as much as 40 hours. Designed to power MarCum’s new M-Series units and the legendary LX-6s and LX-7 digital sonar systems, it includes a 12-volt, 12-amp hour Lithium ION polymer battery.

All three M-Series Lithium Combosi feature superior target separation and brushless, dead-quiet operation with dazzling bright and crisp color definition of bottom, fish, baitfish and lure, all illuminated on the highest-resolution display available in a commercial-grade flasher. They are the M1, M3 and M5. The selectable depth ranges for each are 20, 40, 80 and 160 feet.

The MarCum digital sonar units available in a Lithium Combo are the LX-6s and LX-7. Each gives anglers multiple display options — water-column vertical, vertical zoom, flasher-dial and a scrolling horizontal LCD graph. They also feature selectable 5-, 10-, 20- and 40-foot zoom windows, infinitely adjustable zoom, bottom-lock zoom, a patented 12-level interference-rejection system, a dual-beam transducer (which provides the ability to switch between 8-degree and 20-degree cone angles for deep- and shallow-water use) and 4800-watts, peak to peak.

M5 Lithium Combo
The most advanced flasher-sonar ever built, MarCum’s M5 offers dazzlingly bright and crisp color images of the bottom, vegetation, fish, baitfish and lure, all displayed with the highest resolution available.

No other flasher can match the M5’s 2,500 watts of peak-to-peak output power, patented infinitely adjustable zoom and Super Fine Line technology, which improves screen resolution and enhances target separation to a razor-thin 3/4 inch. A precision-tuned dual beam transducer allows anglers to switch between 8-degree and 20-degree cone angles for deep and shallow water use.

Infinitely adjustable zoom allows for honing in on any segment of the water column. A patented industry-best 12-level interference rejection system knocks out competing “noise” from nearby sonar units, so anglers can fish in a group with no problems.

M3 Lithium Combo
When comparing all of the MarCum M3 specs to other flashers in its class, on paper, it beats them in all categories. The real proof, though, is in actual on-the-ice performance.

Featuring target separation down to 1 inch, the M3 excels at identifying both bottom-hugging Walleyes and schools of suspended Crappies. It features 2,000 watts of peak-to-peak output power, a patented Infinitely Adjustable Zoom, a 20-degree transducer and a patented 12-level interference-rejection system.

M1 Lithium Combo

MarCum’s entry-level flasher, the M1 offers performance, price and features the competition can’t match, including a split-screen 5-foot bottom lock, 2-inch target separation and a 20-degree transducer.

Boasting 1,000 watts of peak-to-peak output power, the M1 is a fish-finding powerhouse. Capable of producing incredible detail, it will help anglers fish tiny jigs in deep water and find fish hiding in thick cover.