MarCum, Showdown


MarCum Showdown 5.6, MarCum Troller 2.0, and MarCum Wireless PanCam now available factory direct from MarCum Technologies

The MarCum Showdown 5.6 is a simple, compact, digital sonar unit jam-packed full of high end features that ice anglers rely on. Running at 8,000 watts of power the Showdown clearly shows bottom, fish, structure, and even the tiniest of panfish jigs. Just turn on your locator, deploy the transducer and it automatically locks on bottom and you’re ready to fish. The vertical screen display shows the top of the locator as top of the water column and bottom is bottom; doesn’t get much simpler than that. High-end features of this incredibly user friendly unit include 1/2-inch target separation, patented Interference Rejection (IR), adjustable sensitivity, automatic bottom-lock zoom and an infinitely adjustable zoom window. Now that’s something that really shines when fishing for suspended slabs. Raise your zoom window right where the crappies are hovering and you can dial in your jigging technique to pluck them from the school one by one. When the fish move on so do you, grab your Showdown and hunt them down. The grayscale screen on these units is perfect for anyone that may have issues seeing the normal green/yellow/red color palette of most other sonar units. The digital platform of the ShowDown uses no moving parts which means reliability, quiet operation and longer battery life.

Want something even smaller? Check out the MarCum Troller 2.0. This compact fishing machine is packed full of many of the same incredible features offered by the Showdown but in an even smaller and more portable handheld unit. Drill a bunch of holes and pull this unit from your pocket and deploy the transducer to check depths and locate fish with ease. The Troller is truly unmatched in portability and function.

Want to step up your game and get a real live view of what is going on below the ice? The MarCum WiFi PanCam system is a great way to keep tabs on any hole up to 300 feet away from where you are setup. Just connect any WiFi compatible phone or tablet to your PanCam and gain full control of camera direction, light functions, and view exactly whats going on below the ice right in the palm of your hand. The PanCam is a perfect way to stay connected with what is going on with a tip-up or set-line outside your wheel house. Seeing lots of action going on near the camera just move on over and get on the hot bite! You can also snap some amazing photos and record unique videos directly to your phone or tablet and then share them to your social media accounts. Download the PanCam App to your mobile device and you are set to go.

Best part yet is all of this technology is now being offered factory direct on the MarCum Technologies website at a great price!  Buy Now!