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5 Advanced Features of the RT-9 2.0 Ice Fishing Mapping System

5 Advanced Features of the RT-9 2.0 Ice Fishing Mapping System

Ice Fishing Mapping

Mapping is becoming a must-have feature in the ice fishing world. That’s why the RT-9 2.0 prioritizes easy GPS and mapping functions that can be controlled by your fingertips.  In fact, the RT-9 2.0 features a large, lightweight, rugged touchscreen tablet that allows you to have full control over your coordinates while on the ice.  Best of all, select RT-9 2.0 Bundles now comes with the Navionics+ USA and Canada Chip (a $199 value by itself).  Below we breakthrough 5 awesome features of the RT9 2.0 mapping system.

Use the RT-9 2.0 Mapping Display While On The Move

RT-9 2.0 Ice FIshing GPS

One of the biggest benefits of the RT-9 2.0 mapping system is the fact that it can be easily removed for portable use. This means whether you are scouting a lake by foot, ATV, or sled, the RT-9 2.0 tablet can be on used it’s own – making the process as efficient as possible.

All you need to do is simply detach it from the docking cradle.  If you have a cradle mounted on your sled, ATV or vehicle, you can easily mount it from one docking cradle to the next – in seconds! It’s lightweight and compact design also makes carrying it by hand easy. 

There is no easier way to navigate the lake than with an RT-9 2.0.

Full Touch Screen Control on the Map

RT-9 2.0 GPS and Mapping is Portable

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the RT-9 2.0 navigation system is it’s touch screen capabilities.  Not only can you fully navigate the map with the touch of your hand, but you can also add waypoints by simply pressing the screen. The fact that it can also be used with gloves makes it the easiest solution to mapping on the ice.

Add Custom Waypoints With Ease

Now with the RT-9 2.0, you can manually enter waypoints as well.  This means exchanging fishing locations and lakes with a partner is easy.  It’s also flexible, allowing for Degrees (°), minutes (‘), seconds (”), latitude and longitude, and even decimal degrees. Therefore, breaking down (or finding a lake) couldn’t be easier.

Completely Customizable Display

The RT-9 2.0 Ice Fishing Flasher is Customizable

Finally, the RT-9 2.0 has a fully customizable display.  Therefore you can choose to display the full map, the map and flasher mode, zoom and more.  With the RT-9 2.0, you have complete freedom to set it up to your preference.  This is one of the many features that make the RT-9 2.0 stand out from the competition.

The RT-9 2.0 Has It All

MarCum RT-9 2.0 Ice Fishing Flasher with Navionics

Not only does the RT-9 2.0 have exceptional mapping capabilities, but it also is jam-packed with additional features.  This includes on-screen recording, dual flasher mode, completely customizable displays, and more. All of this value is packaged into one easy-to-use unit.  In fact, be sure to check out our article “5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With the RT-9 2.0 to learn more.

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