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10 Reasons Why The MarCum Lithium Shuttle Will Revolutionize The Way You Ice Fish!

10 Reasons Why The MarCum Lithium Shuttle Will Revolutionize The Way You Ice Fish!

The MarCum Lithium Shuttle is powerful. It’s equipped with a 12V, 12Ah Lithium ION battery that can extend the life of your unit for up to 40 hours.  However, the shuttle is much more useful than just a power pack.  Rather, it comes with a long list of features that can change the way you fish. 

The two built-in USB ports make connecting accessories a breeze. It’s rod holders allow you to hole hop with ease. Finally, the incredibly compact and efficient build means being mobile couldn’t be easier.

Best of all, it’s versatile. It comes packaged with MarCum’s flashers or can be purchased separately as a standalone unit.  It allows for the ultimate versatility when on the ice. 

In fact, this unit is so jam-packed with features that we discuss the top 10 reasons why buying the Lithium Shuttle will revolutionize the way you ice fish.


First and foremost, the Lithium Shuttle allows you to stay powered on the ice for longer.  The shuttle provides up to 40 hours of runtime – meaning those days when you forget to charge your flasher is no longer a problem. Best of all, it powers your other accessories as well – giving you the ultimate freedom on the ice.Learn more about the power of the Lithium Shuttle here.


Record Fishing Videos

One of the most powerful parts of the Lithium Shuttle is its ability to charge your action cameras. It comes with two ¼ – 20 ports, making adding extensions easy. Therefore, you can mount a GoPro, a point and shoot camera, or even your phone for the ultimate on-ice recording experience.  

You can check out the Lithium Shuttle accessories here


Best Power Solution for Ice Fishing Flasher

Lets face it, some of the best fishing is in the dark.  In these situations, the more light available, the better. That’s why we have added a built-in LED lighting system into the Lithium Shuttle. This light shines over the hole making sure you have perfect lighting on the hole. As a bonus, the LED light also works to charge your glow lures – giving you the ultimate solution to lighting on the go.


Ice Fishing Flasher Mount

Two things make the Lithium Shuttle a game-changer in hole hopping: 

  • The weight
  • The versatile build

The Lithium Shuttle’s articulated handle makes it easy to adjust with any flasher during any situation. It also comes with built-in rod holders, making rod transportation a breeze. Finally, it’s lightweight and sturdy mount means you can be on the go and everything will stay in place. When it comes to the ultimate on-ice power, the MarCum Lithium Shuttle has you covered. 


Transport Ice Fishing Rods

As previously mentioned, the Lithium Shuttle has two-rod holders built-in.  Whether you are storing your gear or hauling it to the next hole, you can rest assured that it will stay organized and secure.  Drop the rod in, grab the handle and go!


Portable Charger on the Ice

Our cellphones work as our mapping, communications, camera, and more.  Most importantly it acts as our safety device. That’s why it’s important to always have your phone along and charged. For those who often forget to bring a portable charger, the Lithium Shuttle has you covered. Just remember to keep a phone cable along with your ice gear, because now you can simply plug your phone into your Lithium Shuttle when it needs a quick charge.


Ice Fishing Flasher Mapping

Whether you prefer Navionics or LakeMaster mapping, you can now take that information and mount it directly to your shuttle. This allows you to have mapping alongside your flasher.  Best of all, it can always be on and ready to go.  

The phone attachment is incredibly secure, allowing your phone to stay safe next to the hole.  Best of all, you can simply plug your phone into one of the USB ports and keep it simultaneously charged while you are using it.


MarCum Lithium Shuttle Ice Fishing Accessories

The Lithium Shuttle works great in conjunction with the MarCum Recon as well.  You can both mount, and continuously charge, the Recon when you are on the go.  This makes watching and recording underwater footage with this compact camera easy.  With the Lithium Shuttle, you can record an entire day worth of fishing on your camera with ease.


Lithium Shuttle Ice Fishing Flasher

One of the greatest benefits of the Lithium Shuttle is that it can power ANY unit.  Whether it be your LX-7, LX-6, M5, M3 or a completely different brand, the Lithium Shuttle will help you the power and transport your device.  If you are using a different brand of flasher, all you need to do is grab this power adapter found on our website and you are ready to go.


Best Solution For Power on the Ice

The Lithium Shuttle is the greatest solution to power in the market.  It cannot only extend the life of your flasher but it can also power your electronics, provide you with light, help you transport your fishing rod, record your experience, and so much more.  It’s lightweight, versatile system makes fishing with any flasher a breeze.  With the Lithium Shuttle, you can do what you love for longer. Learn more about the Lithium Shuttle here.

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